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Modell eines Kristalls des Minerals Blödit [Krantz 56]

Object NameModell eines Kristalls des Minerals Blödit [Krantz 56]
Individual Model/Group/SeriesSingle Model
Type of ModelPhysical, Chemical and Crystallographic Models
Last UpdateFebruar 2012
Formal Description
Weight92 g
Manufacture TechniqueHandcraft
Single/Multiple ManufactureMass Production
DismountableNon Dismountable
Description of the Content
Academic DisciplineCrystallography · Physics
Intended UseTeaching Object
Place of ProductionBonn
Producer/Distributor of
Technical Object
Reference Object
Reference ObjectMineral Blödit
Chemical Element / CompoundNa2Mg(SO4)2·4H2O
Crystal SystemMonoclinic
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Kristallographische Lehrsammlung, Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin · Details